The Bulli Surf Club Castelsardo A.S.D was born at the end of October 2013!

We, the local surfers, had already started a couple of years ago aiming at spreading the sport of surfing and other water sports, and the related principles of respect for the environment and others.

We believe that our strength is not in the individual, but in the group!

Since 2013, the Bulli Surf Club Castelsardo has aimed to improve itself and the interests of the entire community of Castelsardo in whatever way it can.

One of our main questions we ask ourselves is….

how can I make the BEACH and the town Castelsardo a better place?


Our main activity is the promotion of sport

Surf Sardegna Castelsardo


Surfing courses, lessons & coachings for children and adults , for beginner and advanced surfer.


Individual and group SUP courses and lessons from 10 years upwards

in The Night

SUP at night, Castelsardo as you’ve never seen it!

Kayak Sardegna


Hire a Kayak or enjoy one of our excursions with an instructor who will accompany you to discover the beauty & history of Sardinia’s coastline.

The sports we promote – surfing, sup, kayak, skateboarding, indoboarding – are perfectly suited as a vehicle for transmitting and conveying principles such as respect for the sea and nature, the importance of commitment and training, sportsmanship and respect for others.

In addition to sharing our passion for these sports, we try to make people understand the importance of good training to face different sea conditions, in accordance with one’s abilities.

Right from the start, we have adopted an easy and fun mix of surfing technique, surf terminology and physical activities. The intention is to make all participants understand that while having fun, you can practice and learn more about one of the world’s most beautiful, noble and fascinating sports, surfing.

In the water you will be guided by our instructors, equipped with a board suited to your body and your abilities, to ensure that you make rapid and safe progress!



Marco P

Giovanni F









Teaching children and young people the wonder of a clean world and the good deeds to build it: sensitivity to environmental issues must be cultivated from an early age, through daily practices as well as fun school activities.

We believe that, even in the youngest children, an understanding of environmental issues is indispensable if they are to see themselves as the tools for defending the environment in which they play and have fun.

Follow us on social media to discover our initiatives and those organised in collaboration with the PLASTIC FREE association


Meetings on ever up-to-date topics are being held again, after the Cyberbullying events of previous years, held in collaboration with the italian Postal Police and the Castelsardo Lions, two events are planned for 2022 in the series “The Dangers of the web”.

One event will be dedicated to children from 11 years old, this year the appointment will be on the topic of Sexting.

For the youngest children, we will again focus on ‘the dangers of the Web’, the title will be ‘Let’s stick to the rules’.

The meetings will be held by the Tancredi Consulting Studio of Dr. Tancredi Sara assisted by Dr. Tosi Andrea; reference institutions will also be involved.

Follow us on social media for details and dates of our initiatives!


In addition to the real rules of wave surfing, WHICH WE TEACH IN OUR LESSONS AND COURSES, those who practise or want to practise this sport must know what they must and must not do in order to enjoy themselves in harmony with others.

We at Bulli Surf Club, IN ADDITION TO SURF RULES, have our own idea of RESPECT for surfing, which go beyond “priorities”.

 1- Don’t pollute, respect nature and the spot that is hosting you, help us leave our HABITAT intact.

2- Respect the local surfers and others, say ´hello´ and ask them for information (entry and exit points, currents, rocks and channels) to avoid dangerous situations.

3- For the common good and harmony, surf in the line up best suited to your level.

4- Let the locals set the pace in the water, don’t try to put yourself further inside or catch more waves than them. Our concept of surfing is about sharing the magical moments the sea offers, so don’t take advantage of it and ruin the harmony between us.

5- Those who practice surfing know perfectly well that they must not drop in. We know and understand that a mistake during a session can happen to anyone, that´s okay as long as no people are harmed or boards get damaged and no other mistakes follow. To repeat, our concept of surfing is HARMONY.

6- Be a good surfer, be an example both in the water and on the beach. Help the younger ones, create harmony, collect the plastic you find, the beach and the community will be grateful.

7- We teach all our members the importance of the leash. Your safety and that of other people comes first.


Join the BULLI SURF CLUB and take advantage of all the benefits reserved for our MEMBERS.

Bulli Surf Club is not only SPORT, but it is a 360° way of experiencing the sea all year round.


Want a better world? So do we!

With our small funds, thanks to the help of supporters, we were able to buy a defibrillator so that we could make it available to the beach and take care of it ourselves.

We would like to be able to improve the safety, and not only that, of our community even more.

SHALL WE TRY IT TOGETHER? Remember, you already contribute to our projects with your membership.


Our operational base is located at the Ampurias beach in Lu Bagnu, a hamlet of Castelsardo (SS), a beach awarded with Blue and Green Flag.

To meet us in person come and visit us

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